Antebellum Hamllton Men's Backpack

Antebellum Hamllton Men's Backpack

$ 129.00


The Hamilton

There was a perfect summer some years back, when I hit the road with a few close friends. We literally threw some things in a bag and left. All I had with me were the clothes on my back and what I could fit in a backpack. 


L 29 x H 41.5 x W 21cm

But I did have my favourite pair of 5 pocket jeans so I knew I was set.    

Some things in life are just perfect. 

Like that pair of jeans. They took me everywhere with a practical simplicity and I just knew they made me look good. 

Our Hamilton backpack is one of those perfect things

With the versatility of a great pair of jeans, the Hamilton can take you anywhere. And because our quality is second to none this bag will become your go to item for years to come. 

Hamilton is fully lined and made from the highest grade canvas. With Antebellums signature vintage leather and antique brass hardware, Hamilton is always gonna make you look good.


L 29 x H 41.5 x W 21cm